Thursday, September 27, 2007

Power Of Flex

Came across this cool Rich Internet application ... It sure is a surfers delight
With such cool desktop like web interfaces i some how feel that the flex platforma has a long way to go ...
See the Tab2 "Mobile Phone Sales" It shows three graphs they are inter-related in good way if you click on one then the corresponding graph changes on other graph
Seeing such UIs i am very much inclined to Rich Internet Applications or Flex more specifically


Strange Error

Today instaed of using "if" i used "If" and starnge enough compiler gave me ';' expected error... couldnt figure out why ??

Jab4Trans Version 0.1 Released

Recently have been busy with my open source project today released version 0.1 of it.

I called it jab4trans based on the popular nomeclature thats being followed in the java world like jab4log :). The name itself is self explanatory "jab4trans" i.e. "jabber for translation". An attempt to extended the jabber protcol to translate language text. The first question that comes up which two languages are being considered for it ... I assumed two fictious languages "UPPER" and "lower" and tried converting them vice versa. May be if someone has made open source / licensed tool for language translation pls allow me to use it or any pointers to same will be higjly apreciated.

The major concerns here are ...
1. Writing server - i havent written a robust or secure server or a server that can handle thousands of clients just a plain server in its simplest form that waits for incoming connections and handles them.
2 Implemnting Jabber protocol - Jabber protocol handels thre types of packet and i have just implemented the only type of message i required ( thats what i have judged till now)
3. Converting the chat packets - converted packets from UPPER to lower and vice versa using an extra tag that is kept to allow extending the protocol
4. Two languages for translation - As said earlier have used two fictious languages "UPPER" and "lower" looking forward to use some APIs for same that implies i will have to use a different encoding for xml packets ... lets see how much succesful i will be for same. I tried google language tools but it seems as if they are not relased as APIs for third party developers .. pls correct me if i am wrong !!

I kept the version as 0.1 coz i feel its a "proof of concept" code and not even close for 1.0 release need to atleast implement the point number 2 and 3 mentioned fully ... Its still ininfancy i would say.

Bug -> No software complete without a BUG he he he... just kidding had less time so released it with a know bug ... the packets to be translated are being added "twice" as of now .. and converted twice too ... need to rectify it asap

Wat Say ??

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

FLEX 2.0

I tried flex and the so called RIA(Rich Internet Application) today ... made a Hello world .. understaood the basics of MXML , ActionScript , Class Libraries , and DataServices.How all these pieces fit together .... Beleive me flex is so so powerful ... i can now create applications so easily at just click of mouse ...

Moreover the IDE "Flex Builder" is a*w*e*s*o*m*e* i mean just take a simple example of making a simple page that has "Name Label" and "TextBox" and "Address Label" and "TextArea" in order to make this page in design view the IDE gave me so good aligmnet indications ( both vertical and horizontal) i never saw that in an IDE befor ( may be u can say at least the ones i used )

Another plus point .. using flex i guess i can make the same application easily for desktops and mobiles ... withput much of a coding headache... i need to explore more on that ...

But i get an error during debugging mode

Flex Builder cannot locate the required debug version of the Flash Player. You may need to install the debug version of Flash Player 9.0 or reinstall Flex Builder. Do you want to try to debug with the current version?

Trying to figure out what does that mean ... on forums