Sunday, September 28, 2008

Netbeans 6.1 and Tomcat 5.5

I was trying add Tomcat5.5 , i had used windows installer for it , to netbeans6.1 on windows and I always get the error "cannot find catalina.bat you cannot start your server through netbeans"
After spending quite some time on why was i getting this error I figured out that i must "Download the .zip formated Tomcat, not the Windows executable. It will have the files netbeans6.1 needs."

A lesson learned :)

Installing Netbeans without glassfish

This is crazy but true , you can install netbeans 6.1 without glassfish .. how ?? simple if you have no space in C drive and install Netbeans in D drive , i tried it out today and saw it happened that way for me


Windows Vista and Tomcat 5.5

Seems like vista is incompatible with tomcat 5.5 too , because of renaming permission ...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Windows Vista and NetBeans6.1 Axis2 plugin issue

Discovered that Netbeans 6.1 Axis2 plugin is incompatible with windows vista. The methods at

To deploy an Axis2 web service to the server:

1. Right-click the web service's node. The context menu opens. Select Deploy to Server. The IDE compiles an Axis2 AAR file and copies it to the axis2.war file used by the application server.

The above step cant be completed in windows vista because , windows vista gives a popup and expects user to click "OK" to rename a file.

Error is Unable to rename old file axis.war , because

Eclipse 3.4 Axis2 1.4 invocationtargetexception

After wasting few precious hour , i finally concluded that Eclipse 3.4 and Axis2 1.4 are not compatible
many people have faced similar errors ..

and the posts are as old as march 08 , and still the members of eclipse dev team havent corrected it , no wonder Eclipse which used to be KING of Java editor is no longer "recommended" anymore , and Netbeans has taken over !!

Solution ?
Take Axis2 eclipse codegen wizard 1.4 from
Or take Eclipse 3.0.1 from