Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Social Networking & Adverstising

I agree with him on quite a few points ,
  • mobile phone is the center of gravity for teens today !
  • Virtual gifting is growing at a rapid pace ( $600,000 a month ) any one send you a scrap but how do i show that i really care ... spend on a virtual gift !! People show off virtual gifts on the social networking sites.
  • Dating is Gaming... It has been traditionally popular on tv shows , it will be HUGE hit on internet
  • Twitter has grown from "what are you doing" to "what r u doing & where are you"
  • Etsy : Your place to buy and sell handmade things online. its limited place
  • Threadless : consumer generated fashion label
  • StartMobile :
An individual seeks "youtube" , "google" , "etsy" , "threadless" all day and advertisers sees them on these sites.

Bebo n Me

I am not talking of Bebo as in Kareena Kapoor , the bollywood star , who happens to be nicknamed as Bibo , To be very frank there is nothing that will force ANYONE to put my name and her name in the same sentence ;-)

Anyways I heard about this social networking that...
  • Bebo is a social networking website
  • This social networking site is about sharing content.
  • You can share the videos , music etc that you like with your friends
  • You can even create a quiz and pass it to your friend.
  • Bebo has skins ( like most soc networking do ) that can be sponsored
  • Created by Michael Birch and Xochi Birch
  • The growing popularity drew the attention of media giants, and AOL shelled out $850 million for Bebo earlier this year.
the couple was recently intervievied on Europe 2007

One can create an application on facebook and port it to bebo. They seem to be compatible.