Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Social Networking & Adverstising

I agree with him on quite a few points ,
  • mobile phone is the center of gravity for teens today !
  • Virtual gifting is growing at a rapid pace ( $600,000 a month ) any one send you a scrap but how do i show that i really care ... spend on a virtual gift !! People show off virtual gifts on the social networking sites.
  • Dating is Gaming... It has been traditionally popular on tv shows , it will be HUGE hit on internet
  • Twitter has grown from "what are you doing" to "what r u doing & where are you"
  • Etsy : Your place to buy and sell handmade things online. its limited place
  • Threadless : consumer generated fashion label
  • StartMobile :
An individual seeks "youtube" , "google" , "etsy" , "threadless" all day and advertisers sees them on these sites.

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