Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Software Engineering

what THEY say ...
The idea is to create a language around the problem you're trying to solve in order to make it easier to solve the problem.
what I understood ...
yes i kind of agree to that ... as far as my experience with product development goes succesfull product development companies have made there own properiatory frameworks first and then used to it to solve the problem in hand ..
so what do they gain by making this framework ... ? wouldnt one save time by using existing framework .. ??
my take is they visualize a big problem break it down to small ones by making small components / classes / APIs and solve each of them individually
They even sav time .. how ?? if a bug comes in the framework they can solve it in less time rather than delegating it to some one else !

There's always a big difference between setting out to invent new solutions and setting out to invent new problems... confused ?? allow me to explain ... rather than solving a big problem first try to break it into new problems .. smaller and more specific ones .. then soolve each of them ... if new design or constraints come up then they too can be solved with similar approach ...
I wonder if its "Decorator Pattern" ;o)

Dont waste a lot of time and money in solving yesterdays problem ... i hope it makes sense .. and thats what JAVA is upto ...

cheerz !!

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