Monday, February 2, 2009

Difference between rebuild and make in jdeveloper

The difference is ...

  • Rebuild is compiling all selected .java files, regardless if an up-to-date .class file is available or not
  • Make is compiling those selected .java files for which no up-to-date .class file is available PLUS all .java files which are on the source path AND dependent on the selected .java files

Please note that in both cases the selection makes a difference:
  1. if your selection includes only .java files or packages, only files in the same project will be compiled
  2. if you select one or more projects, compilation will also include any projects which depend on the selected project(s). To prevent building a long list of dependend projects the latest builds of JDev offer the feature Build | Make Only and Build | Rebuild Only, respectively.

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Great Thank You.