Tuesday, February 27, 2007

JRuby Session @ Sun Tech Days 07

JRuby session by charles Oliver Nuter
It was one of the sessions i was looking forward too .. and was without doubt the most informative
may be coz i have been trying my hands on other java technologies ...
and this will be the one i probably should try now...

Heres what i could grasp from the session

Ruby ...
  • Open Source written in C
  • It was started in 93 with the aim of making a language that was powerful than Perl and more Object Oriented than Python
  • Current version is 1.8 ... 1.9 is under development
  • There are certain cases where it can be slow
  • Everything in it is an Object ... that means we can call the code like "abc".meyjod1() and 1.method2()
  • It is dynamically typed
  • It supports "Meta-programming" ...
    • that means .. one can dynamically generate classes & methods
    • modify existing classes

  • started in 2002
  • Java implementation of the ruby language
  • One can call Ruby from Java using JSR 223
  • Currently work is going on for 0.9.2
  • NetBeans support
  • Why Jruby ? advantages over Ruby ??
    • Better Performance
    • Unicode Support
    • Integartion with java Lib
  • Why Java User Wants Jruby
    • powerful
    • less lines of code

Rails has been in development since the Basecamp project started in mid/late 2003 ... released until the 24th of July 2004
It implements MVC architecture
Not something to build business on... but developers are excited about it
sites like http://www.rubyonrails.org/screencasts
have articles like that tell " in 15 mins we go from scratch to complete weblog engine "
woooow ...
talk about ease of coding
even i am excited to know more about it

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