Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One VM : Many Scripting languages session @ Sun Tech Days 07

One VM : Many Scripting languages

Why Scripting ??
  • Java Language != Java Platform
  • Write one run anywhere is platform
  • VM runs language eutral buytecode
  • Rich sets of class lib are lang neutal
Scripting API
  • JSR 223 define scripting framework
  • theres a javax.script package for the same
  • part of javaSE6
  • Available for Java 5.0
  • javax.scriptpackage has classes like
    • ScriptEngine
    • ScriptContext , Bindings
    • ScriptEngineFactory
    • ScriptEngineManager
gives you more detail about the same

During JavaOne 2003, JSR 223 was filed and announced. It caught the attention of many people because it is the first official mentioning of the term "scripting language" in the Java community.

JSR 223 is all about interaction and inter-operability between Java and scripting languages. It is about using Java objects within scripting languages, and emphasizes on the situation of web applications. The original motivation looks like accepting pages written in other (scripting) languages, such as PHP, into the J2EE framework.

It will officially open the door of the Java world to other scripting languages... it will benefit Java technology to become a universal resource on all platforms.

Issues of Using Scripting Languages On Java Platform
developers need to make a choice and stick to it
If Java platform becomes the basis for all scripting language, it can avoid a lot of wasted efforts in the computing communities. For any particular features, open-source developers need just develop a Java version rather than dialects for Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Tcl, ... and port them onto different platforms if they are written in C/C++.

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