Monday, June 26, 2017

AWS : Direct Connect

What is Value of Direct Connect ? Why does one need it ?
AWS is accessed via different internet providers , many a times customers experience slowness which may not be because of AWS reasons but due to these network providers. This is where Direct Connect comes in.

Its a dedicated circuit between your office and AWS. By Passing the internet entirely. great for use cases which require high amount of through put with low latency.

From AWS console choose

click on create connection

After this , Connection will be in a requested state.
As a next step , you will see message

After the state will change from requested to available, you can create Virtual Interface

In above screen dont use VLAN id of 1 , as its generally used for management. Must be unique in your office.
After it has been provisioned it will be in down state
Then use download router configuration link ( needs BGP config for router )

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