Saturday, June 24, 2017

AWS : S3 : Upload Files Option

You can create empty Folder in S3 bucket. cant do via API.
Step 1 : Select Files & Folder

Step2 :
2.1) Set Storage class ( its done at object level and not bucket level )
2.2) server side encryption

Step 3 : Set Permissions

Step 4 : Set Metadata
You can set meta data for a S3 ( bucket or folder )

For example content-type can be image/jpeg ( once again : don’t feel constrained by values in list)

If you want to add custom keys it must start with x-amz-meta- if it’s not already a well known http header. Web Console forces you to type this , the SDK will automatically do it for you.

Using URL generated If you click on the image name : u can see it ( access it ) via a temporarily signed URLs.

As you can see the link is generated
     for 5 mins (X-Amz-Expires-) from
      the date (X-Amz-Date-) using
     the key (X-Amz-Algorithm)
This type of pre signed links can be complicated if you want to do it by hand , but SDKs can do it for you.


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