Friday, June 23, 2017

AWS : S3 LifeCycle Policies


The lifecycle management policy (LMP) you applied will affect all items matching it, whether they existed before you applied the policy or were created after you applied it. It takes time for the policy to synchronize across all of your items in S3.  

The objects moved by a LMP are only visible through the S3 API, not via the Glacier API or console. You'll continue to see the objects listed in your S3 bucket, but the object's metadata will be updated to indicate that the x-amz-storage-class is Glacier. You should be able to see this through the S3 console, or by making a request for the object's metadata using the S3 API. See Object Key and Metadata for the System-Defined Metadata.


1.    CRR : not applied to existing objects
2.    LMP : it’s applied.
3.  Lifecycle policies don't run continuously, they are only applied at midnight UTC
S3 only allows to transition to lower storage class.

Screen Shots

Note : Permanently Delete can happen only after archive

Also note

in case there are two versions of the same object

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