Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sqoop : Hive

Scoop CLI automatically creates Hive MetaData

  • Sqoop requires hive meta table to be configured. ( /user/hive/warehouse/emp_table )
  • automatically executes a CREATE TABLE command in Hive.
  • automatically executes a LOAD DATA INPATH command in hive to move data into hive.
  • To import into hive using sqoop , in end just add --hive-import option
  • can also specify --hive-overrite to replace existing hive table.
  • if you want to keep hive table name different from source table name , use --hive-table option.
  • For all hive related commands , sqoop will execute a local hive client from the  machine where sqoop is running , use --hive-home to specify the hive binary.

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